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To ask other readers questions about The Sacred Band , please sign up. Trying to get Sacred Band ebook in Australia.

Everywhere I try it says cannot buy book because I am in Australia. Very frustrated anybody have any ideas how I could buy the ebook? I have tried Ibooks, Amazon, and all the usual suspects,. I am trying to get an ebook copy of Sacred Band I am in Australia. Anyone got a clue?

Everywhere I look it says ebook not available because I am in Australia.

See 2 questions about The Sacred Band…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. It's always a risk to take up a multi-volume work in fantasy. Many have learned hard lessons here. There are authors who, despite their fine intentions, may take twenty years to finish a single saga. That's cliffhanger after cliffhanger with no resolution in sight. There are authors who, despite their dedication, miss their promised publication dates by miles and really don't want to hear from their readers; authors who have actually developed certain animosities in that regard.

And if you thin It's always a risk to take up a multi-volume work in fantasy. And if you think this doesn't play out in the story, think again.

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There are authors who, despite their protestations to the contrary, lose interest in their masterwork. You can find them, in seriously squirrely ways, detouring to different genres and constructs - and you know they're done; they're not coming back.

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So to my mind a point or two should be awarded to every fantasy writer who delivers a final chapter, merely for having the good grace to bring his tale to a close. That said, another less talked about risk in reading fantasy hinges on the structural. As a reader you'll have at least two books under your belt, but probably more like five, sometimes ten.

You've made a generous investment and he's held you to this point. Does he have the skill to wind things up? Some do. Some don't. Truth is, you won't know until you get there. About a third of the way into Sacred Band , as one of Durham's protagonists was crossing an arctic tundra, the wind left my sails. I'm two volumes in, though, so I did what many do at this stage: I picked up an oar and started to row. By the time I reached the final page I was glad to have hit port, and pretty sure whatever applause was available belonged less to the author than to me. We fantasy readers are a hearty breed.

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There's no disputing that. View 2 comments. May 22, Brimm rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy. I've always been conflicted about this trilogy. On the one hand, Durham has created a few very well developed and entertaining characters, such as Corinn and Rialus Neptos. He's explored interested ideas concerning slavery, drug use, imperialism and the use of power. He's built up an interesting world which we got to explore more fully in book 2 The Other Lands and introduced us to an original and fascinating people the Auldek.

On the other hand, for every interesting character Durham has int I've always been conflicted about this trilogy. On the other hand, for every interesting character Durham has introduced, he's created another three that are boring or flat Kelis, Dariel most times or too blandly perfect to be interesting Mena and Aliver.

His pacing has always been problematic, especially due to the fact that so many of his characters are uninteresting. His prose is at best average and at worst clunky. He also has the unfortunate tendency to write some pure cheese- this was most notable in the book two plotline in which Mena became super best friends with a dragon.

For all these reasons, the Acacia trilogy has always been a three star one for me- the good balances out the bad and we end up with a decent first two books that could be remarkable one chapter and absolutely awful the next. For the first half of the Sacred Band, it looked like this would remain true. Get a Dariel chapter? Expect some interesting world building but boring and trite character interaction.

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A Corinn chapter? Expect for it to be entertaining, thought provoking and disturbing. A Mena chapter? Chances are the character's Mary Sueness will override anything good in it. Still, Durham raises some interesting questions during this first half, especially as Corinn becomes a darker and darker character and we learn more about the Auldek.

Unfortunately, the latter half of the novel is an absolute letdown, both from a narrative and character perspective. Characters undergo massive transformations in the space of a chapter. Nearly all plotlines are resolved by deus ex machinas dei ex machinarum? Characters don't win because they make hard choices, or because of any character traits, but because they have been declared special and thus can pretty much do anything.

Every character recieves redemption, whether they've earned it or not.

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It is probably one of the neatest endings I've ever read, and not in a good way. Look, I have nothing against a positive, progressive message in modern epic fantasy, which I believe is what Durham was aiming for. But you have to earn that message. You cannot spend an entire trilogy building up complex social problems and then resolve them all as simplistically as possible, giving everyone a happy ending in the process. It's not true to the setting, plot or characters, and ultimately makes the Sacred Band a dissapointing ending to an average but promising trilogy. Jun 10, Stefan rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy , advance-reading-copy.

Rather than expanding the world, The Sacred Band instead builds on what came before, reveals a few new and interesting details, and brings the various plot lines to a satisfying conclusion that, at the same time, leaves the door open for possible future stories set in this world. The League of Vessels still had its claws in various plots, despite the failure of its Ushen Brae gambit.

Mena had been given a task that seemed impossible and borderline suicidal: halt or at least slow the advance of the Auldek, who were marching across the frozen north with a huge army to invade the Acacian empire. Does The Sacred Band bring all of these threads to a satisfactory conclusion?

Yes, with the caveat that your level of satisfaction with this series closer will depend on how sensitive you are to the issues that plagued the previous books. My chief complaint is still that David Anthony Durham occasionally relies on highly improbable coincidences and surprise revelations to advance his plot. Aside from this, The Sacred Band is easily the strongest novel in the trilogy. By now, both the characters and the fantasy world have acquired a surprising amount of depth.

If they felt that they were more or less in control in the last book, they now become more and more aware of how untenable the situation really is. Meanwhile, the Auldek army is advancing, and their chapters reveal a few more surprising sides to the Auldek culture.

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And as the various plots advance, we also learn more details about the League of Vessels, who continue to play a complex game, and about the Free People and their history. All through the novel, Durham advances the plot while still occasionally revealing new layers of his fantasy world. In the end, The Sacred Band is a rewarding book because it shows some of its major characters finding their destinies in ways that have considerably more resonance than anything that came before in the series. Acacia: The War with the Mein had an uninspired start, but improved significantly after the end of its first section.

The Other Lands added a whole new dimension to the fantasy world and continued to grow and evolve the characters in surprising ways.