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A young boy, who has never seen the sea, asks his mother to describe it. From there, Zolotow carefully chooses her words to create a poem full of the colors, sounds, and sights of a day at the beach. A house is a home for you, a nest is a home for a bird, and a cave is a home for a bear. But for some animals a shell is a home. Snails and turtles and crabs and clams all have shells that act as their homes and protect them from harm. This charming picture book describes the annual spawning of horseshoe crabs at Delaware Bay.

Young readers go wild over this new auditory adventure by Maurice Pledger. Each page lets children see and hear their way from shore to shore and get to know the many different creatures and animals that live there. For readers ready to explore, the sounds of the wild are calling!

Follow the photographic journal of Carolina, a critically ill loggerhead sea turtle, as she is nursed back to health at the Sea Turtle Hospital of the South Carolina Aquarium. Just like hospitalized children, Carolina experiences a variety of emotions and procedures during her care and recovery process. When she first arrives at the hospital, she is too sick, weak, and confused to understand what is happening. She has blood drawn, x-rays taken, gets shots, and is hydrated through an IV just as ill children may be!

Join her as she interacts with her many caregivers and her sick or injured roommate turtles. Celebrate the happy day she is released back into the open ocean a healthy and happy turtle. An educational supplement is included in the back of the book which includes teaching trivia, conservation issues, a make-your-own sea turtle craft, and sea turtle math games. This heart-warming journal shares the joys of a mother and daughter s special bond and their summer together as Turtle Team volunteers.

Photographs blend with art and prose to bring to life this loving story of their time together protecting endangered loggerhead sea turtles. Join mother and daughter as they patrol the beaches searching for sea turtle nests, and then stand with them under starry skies as they protect the eggs and young hatchlings.

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Imagine finding turtle eggs in your sandbox! She raises the teeny hatchlings until they become big enough to fend for themselves in the wild. Then, with the help of experts, she releases them. Along the way, she learns about these unique animals and that she has made an important contribution to their survival. The For Creative Minds section includes terrapin fun facts; where in the world are terrapins? Hungry Mr. Gator is a whimsical counting story for young children with authentic South Carolina lowcountry animals as characters.

Gator patiently watches different animals around his swampy lake home, trying to decide which ones are going to be his tasty selection for lunch. Rejected Mr.

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Gator travels from a fresh water lake into a salt water creek, searching for acceptance. Slithering through pluff mud and avoiding sharp, crusty oyster shells are just the beginning of the many obstacles he faces during this delightful lowcountry adventure. The watercolor illustrations are so charming, readers can almost smell the flowers and feel the lowcountry salt air. Go on a fascinating nature hunt to find the camouflaged turtle, snakes, iguana, and other intriguing reptiles hiding in the brilliantly-painted pages of this book.

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This unique, simple nature kit gives kids an accessible, engaging introduction to the natural world and the amazing discoveries that can be made from strolling the shoreline. Since the guide focuses on the most common shells, insects, birds, and creatures, kids will feel instantly rewarded when they spot a seagull or its tracks , dragonfly, or conch shell.

Includes a question-and-answer format and illustrations of more than species of bugs, mammals, and plants. This interactive workbook is packed with creative, year-round activities for curious naturalists ages 8 to Clare Walker Leslie shows kids how to experience nature with all five senses, whether they live in the countryside, a major city, or somewhere in between.

Guiding children through inspiring activities like sketching wildlife, observing constellations, collecting leaves, keeping a weather journal, and watching bird migrations, The Nature Connection encourages kids to engage with the world outside and promotes a lifelong love of nature.


Including the red-winged blackbird, painted bunting, wood duck, great blue heron, ruby-throated hummingbird, purple finch, and blue jay, 46 different species of birds from all parts of the United States are included in this book. The pictures have been faithfully redrawn by Paul E. Kennedy from originals by John James Aububon — , the most famous American painter-naturalist.

Here, I inspire moms to chose what matters most and then to only do the things that move them closer to what matters most.

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Beach by Elisha Cooper. It starts off early in the morning, with just the unmarked sand and rolling waves but quickly it fills with people: a woman spreads a towel on the sand, a girl covers her friend in sand, seagulls hover overhead watching.


The book is like mini stories all collected in small images. Eventually people leave and the beach is quiet again. I love this book. I love the water-colours and how the story builds from a quiet morning to a full beach day back to quiet again. Each little image is a little story unto itself. Stella and Sam are spending the day at the beach.

Not only is this a great book about visiting the beach for the first time, Sam asks questions that first time beach goers might ask, but the relationship of big sister, little brother between Stella and Sam is wonderful and feels very natural.

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Visually it reminds me of an impressionist painting, the soft beach colors used by illustrator Kristina Swarner are calming and pretty. This is more than just a counting book, there is a story of a little girl at the beach,what she finds and how she plans to use them when she takes them home. Miranda and her mom spend a warm, sunny day at the Beach enjoying the water, the animals and the sand. Miranda experiences the beach with all her senses: feeling the hot sand under her toes and the water swirl around her, hearing the roar of the waves as they wash on the shore and the seagulls squawk in the air above, tasting the salty sand that sticks to her face, seeing the small Hermit crab skuttle across the sand.

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My kids loved reading this book; it had the ability of transporting them to the beach right from the living room. The illustrations are warm, muted water-colourings that add to the whole beach feel. The Seaside Switch by Kathleen V. Kudlinski is a book packed with information about tides and creatures in the sea. As a child I found nothing more fascinating than a tide pool and all the scurrying crabs and this book captures that. The book is too long for most toddlers but my son enjoyed pointing out the animals in the book.

Just Grandma and Me by Mercer Mayer is a sweet book. Little Critter and his grandma hit the beach and enjoy an afternoon together. There is something so sweet and touching about this book and the special bonds between grandparents and their grandchildren. Mercer Mayer really did a great job at capturing the unique relationship between grand parents and grand children in this book. It also does a good job covering all the beach bases.

They swim , play in the sand and have treats. The Sandcastle Contest by Robert Munsch. I gave this book a really bad review the first time I reviewed it. The tantrum the main character has when no one believes him about really making everything from sand was a good teaching tool for my children. It opens up a great dialog about anger, and deep breaths, and wrecking things when we are mad. I think this book could be a good way for parents to talk about anger and frustration without feeling like you are giving a lecture.