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Friends, Lovers and Other Indiscretions

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My Journey Thru Time. Evelyn DeFiore. Jul 21, Pamela Darling rated it liked it. I eventually read this book to the end which confirmed my original thoughts that it would end weakly. It's an easy read, but not the sort of book that I would recommend if readers like to be engrossed with the characters.

Not interesting enough for me and no twists and turns to keep me riveted to the page.

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However, if Slummy Mummy appealed I guess this is of similar stuff. Sep 17, Janet rated it liked it. Sep 15, Nrr rated it liked it. Ok as far as it goes.

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Hideously involved. May 22, Louise Jones rated it liked it Shelves: friendship , comedy , easy-read , chick , love. Dec 23, Ramesh rated it liked it. I was reading this book into my 32th birthday. Oh boy! It was depressing. From a man,husband,father,woman,wife,mother foray into their life as they hit after their 30's. Life seems to be not so beautiful and so insecure.

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But the book also exposes the many secrets we keep in life from others in order to keep our current life safe and in order. What goes around come saround they say? It is an honest book but i wished i did not come across it at all.

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Aug 31, Fiona Groves rated it it was ok Shelves: books-for-chicks. Set in England, a group of people who have been friends since uni, all hitting their 40's with various mid-life type crises. It was okay, but I'm over all the angst - next read will have to be a skop-skiet-donner I think :. Apr 30, Samantha rated it did not like it. This is awful. There didn't seem to be a plot or proper narrative. The characters were unlikable and had questionable motives.

I really didn't care about these self absorbed people and their high flying careers. Dec 29, Frances Bell rated it it was ok. I found it hard to keep characters straight in some parts. OK, but not good enough to make me seek out her other books. Oct 12, Ann Chappe rated it liked it Shelves: not-their-best-efforts.

An easy undemanding read which is just what I was looking for.