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I panicked and took him to the vet who suggested I change his nutrition. When I stopped feeding him the Friskies and started feeding him Royal Canin 12 plus My two cats love Friskies Surf and Turf hard cat food but they both run around like crazy and their feces smells utterly awful.

I'm afraid I'm going to try another brand. I honestly don't even know which brand to even try. Sassafrass and Swishy are two year old females.

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Suggestions please? We have 2 indoor cats and 3 outside we have adopted. Over the last month all have become sick throwing up and diarrhea. Trying to figure out what is going on we realized the food we were feeding them was the issue. Realizing the common denominator in this illness was the food we decided to research the Friskies canned food.

Immediately the exact symptoms and experience was right in front of us through other's reviews. We immediately reached out to Purina Friskies and was completely shocked at the disregard for what is going on with their product and the denial that there is a problem. I asked for a different supervisor 3 times and each was oblivious to the problem. I then suggested they pick up their personal phone and Google their own products because the reviews were stark and right in front of you for the world to see.

Again they acted like they have never heard this and I was told anyone can put what they want on the internet.

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Well I can tell you I don't write reviews typically but in a life or death situation I feel it's my obligation to inform people that you are possibly doing harm to your animals with this product. Things happen and companies make mistakes that's understandable but to not own up to it and continue to put a dangerous product on the shelves is inexcusable I've been buying these cans for years.

I'm now buying the 12x can cases of Tasty Treasures with Cheese and with Bacon.

Jewish Owned Demo-Cat Has Some Frisky Competition – The Forward

In the past month, 1 of my 3 cats started refusing to eat it after vomiting a couple of times. Now in the past week the other 2 have stopped eating it as well. I Googled for recalls and happened upon this site. I'm in Canada. My cans are coded with "", not like others have reported. I let my sister know because she feeds her cats the same stuff. She has cans and barfing cats as well.

Should I spay or neuter my cat?

For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Friskies wet cat batches and , have made my feral colony sick and lethargic. I called them and informed them. They need to address this issue publicly Purina is contaminated. Zorro and Fat Cat refused to eat the Friskies can food. Within a half hour of eating the food we took scruffy to the vet because he was vomiting violently and was wobbly. He died. He was old so we thought it was just his time.

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BUT Pusspuss ate the same food. She too started vomiting and had diarrhea. We took her to the vet and she had to be hospitalized. We still didn't attribute it to their food. Then 5 days later we feed all 3 cats a can of Friskies. Pusspuss immediately became ill and so did Zorro. That's when we knew it was the food. I will never ever use Friskies again. We lost our poor Scruffy cat, almost lost Puss and have a huge vet hospital bill. My new kitty started vomiting immediately on the first can of white fish. This has been reported since April I recently purchased a 24 pack of Friskies pate and checked the bottom of every can and they are all ending in , irregardless of the flavor.

Best by April I feel this 24 pack should have been removed from the grocery store within the last 2 months. I just spent significant money with the vet confirming my cat is healthy and free of diseases such a feline leukemia only to trust a company by its name and have my cat sick anyway. Please open the box on your 24 and 32 packs and if one can has , they all probably do and leave it be! Update: I was going to blast Purina in here. Instead, I decided to call for myself in spite of some of the reviews.

I called Purina to report this cat food issue and make them aware of this site. After being on hold, they were extremely helpful. Purina says the number is a plant number not lot. The whole number is So Purina says the number is a plant in Nebraska and the rest date. All 24 cans are from the same plant Purina offered a refund immediately, no questions. Please call and report , or any others.

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  • Be sure to get your refund. I have fed all my cats Friskies for years. Last October I lost 3 cats in less than 4 weeks. I believe the new Friskies had something to do with it.

    I will never use Purina products again. I wish I could give them zero stars as that is what I think they deserve. I have a 14 year old cat and a 9 week old kitten. I give them both a primary wet and dry food daily Soulistic wet food. It is amazing. I tried Friskies Meaty Bits in Gravy. It has been a week. A few days ago my kitten's hair started falling out in patches.

    My first thought was allergies, and I assumed it was a young kitten ringworm situation since my older cat was perfectly fine. Then day before yesterday the kitten started vomiting. Then yesterday my older cat started vomiting and looks so sluggish, I got scared. Thankfully I feed my cats a variety of foods or they could already be worse off than they already are. I am still monitoring them, but just found this page filled with terrifying reviews for this brand. This batch is also Friskies should be avoided at all costs.

    I recently had a horrible experience with this brand. I have 3 cats which 2 of them are kittens! I feed them with high quality dry food and I give them Friskies canned food just once a week.

    Her name wasn't really "Grumpy"

    As a result, all of them were eating mostly this wet food for 4 days. The second day the one which was eating more wet food began vomiting and having diarrhea. The 3rd day the other 2 got severely sick. Throwing up 3 times and diarrhea. They were perfectly healthy indoor cats. I'm taking them to vet tomorrow.