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Of course! Here are some ways to extend your stay in Australia:.

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Obviously this section is a brief synopsis of each type of visa you might be eligible for if you want to stay in Australia. You should definitely do additional research if you want to try for one of these options. The only thing left to do is go out and live it. Australia is truly a fantastic country to explore, and the opportunities to work and play are endless. A working holiday in Australia is a chance not just to work and travel Australia, but to discover yourself beyond your comfort zone in a country totally worth uncovering.

As of February , we learned that the Australian Government plans to update the WHV rules to change the age, location, and work requirements, as well as to offer a third-year visa option.

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These changes are expected to be announced in the next few months. If you're considering the Working Holiday Visa, be sure to check the Australian Home Office website for the latest information, requirements, and restrictions before you apply. Before You Go to Australia. Here are three of the most important things to remember: 1. Secure a Working Holiday Visa Maybe this is an obvious one, but step one to a working holiday in Australia is getting the working holiday visa!

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Arrange Your Finances Be sure to have proof of finances for your working holiday. Choose a Location Part of the fun of a working holiday in Australia is playing it by ear. Here are popular locations where you can enjoy your working holiday in Australia:. Bondi and Manly are hip areas with loads of young travelers, and you can easily hit places like the Blue Mountains for a more natural experience.

Melbourne is the cultural center of Australia, with tons of live music, shows, food, and a vibe unmatched by any other city. Brisbane is small and intimate compared to the other cities, but is modern enough to keep things interesting, and its central location lets you bounce to every other part of the country easily. Global Experiences Internships in Sydney, Australia.

Australia Adventure with Gapforce. During Your Stay in Australia. Photo by Emily T. To-Do List Upon Arrival Once you arrive in Australia it is best to fight through the grueling jet lag and be sure to get these items done as soon as you arrive.

Open a bank account: The first thing you should do when you arrive is open a bank account. Workers who will eventually travel to New Zealand will enjoy using ANZ, as it is available in both countries. Get a new phone number: There are a few major mobile networks in Australia, including Telstra, Vodafone, and Optus. Bring an unlocked smartphone from home instead.

Find Housing: In Australia, rent is paid weekly, not monthly. Look at Gumtree or hostel message boards to find listings; people will always be looking for roommates. Retail: While many bigger shops are just as hesitant to hire travelers as any corporation, the more heavily trafficked tourist shops are cool with a constantly rotating roster.

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Hostels: Jobs at a hostel will usually involve reception or housekeeping service, but be careful. Just watch out for people that promise a commission-based salary, as they often take advantage of people desperate for work.

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Exploring Australia Australia is a pretty huge country, and a lot of that space is wide open. Flying isn't always the best budget option, but obviously necessary for getting there -- especially if you're trying to make it somewhere quick. Open buses are a good idea. Rent or buy a car : This is the best way to see the country. The East Coast is full of beautiful beaches and even more beautiful people.

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West Coast: Few travelers actually make it that far away from the beaches of the east. But if you can get to the Left Coast, you can see a different side of Australia.

With natural beauties like Bay of Fire, Cradle Mountain, and Wineglass Bay, you can explore for weeks and still have more to see. At the End of Your Year in Australia. Photo by Sierra, Intro Travel Australia.

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This is great if you want to try and stay in the country for a long time, but keep in mind the work is difficult, remote, and long. Student Visa: Ideally, you'll use this before even considering the working holiday visa.

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Australia takes pride in some of the best beaches on the planet. Australia is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. Laid-back and sophisticated, Perth combines beach fun with great food and a booming arts scene. Your reason is great. Australia is always my favorite destination for vacation.

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Perth looks absolutely amazing. It is great place to hang out with my friends. It offers its people an appealing lifestyle and there is lot of things to do, night-life there is pretty cool. Sign up for the newsletter and get notified each time we publish a new post. Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter!

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