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Harvest of Hope exists to give these children the best chance of a stable, caring childhood. In , Dr. Harvest of Hope was born and has since become the largest, most effective entity in the state dealing with the shortage of black foster care homes and retention of those homes in the system. To date, Harvest of Hope has successfully placed over 1, children in loving homes, with nearly of these children being adopted, and has achieved an 85 percent retention rate of foster parents participating in their network.

Harvest of Hope Family Services, Inc. Through organizational support, Stand Together plans to help Harvest of Hope scale their New Jersey model nationwide, beginning with a new initiative in the state of Arizona. With better care, support, and permanency, young individuals will have far greater chances to achieve long-term success and self-sufficiency for a brighter future.

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America’s Premier Food Rescue and Distribution Ministry

Soaries, Jr. Read bio. His pastoral ministry focuses on spiritual growth, educational excellence, and economic empowerment. Soaries has received numerous awards for his leadership and community service, and he serves as a frequent advisor to major corporations in the areas of diversity, philanthropy, and community relations.

Harvest of Hope, with support from Stand Together, plans to launch in Arizona in to address the foster care crisis. By providing assistance to the state of Arizona and the Department of Child Services, by providing training and support to current agencies, and by recruiting and training organizations and churches that will serve 1, foster families, Harvest of Hope can help restructure the system in Arizona.

In honor and memory of his grandmother, Kellerman wanted to continue the tradition of social service work by forming the foundation in order to assist mobile field laborers of fruits, vegetables and other foods. There is a significance to the organization's name.

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The Harvest of Hope Foundation is a non-profit c 3 foundation which is tax exempt as defined under the IRS guidelines. The Harvest of Hope Foundation's mission is to provide humanitarian support and emergency financial assistance to migrant farmworkers and their families.

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It is the goal of the Harvest of Hope Foundation to fill in the gaps by providing basic humanitarian services to hard-working, yet needy migrant farmworkers. The Harvest of Hope Foundation also issues grants to small businesses and organizations that provide social services and assistance to migrant farmworkers. The Harvest of Hope Foundation provides educational scholarships to children of migrant farmworkers to attend college or other post-secondary education.

The Foundation also houses and manages 42 funds on behalf of migrant farmworkers and families.

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The Harvest of Hope Foundation works closely with teachers, social workers and advocates of migrant workers to coordinate the services and the distribution of financial aid. The Foundation President, Philip Kellerman conducts regular meetings and workshops throughout the country with educators, migrant advocates and state officials who are involved with social services to migrants.

The Harvest of Hope Foundation accepts monetary donations as well as donations of antiques, collectibles and memorabilia to sell to raise funds. Harvest of Hope welcomes individuals to organize and conduct fund-raising events.

The Harvest of Hope Foundation works to: [5]. The Harvest of Hope Foundation now houses 42 funds to provide financial aid to select migrant farmworkers or to designated geographic regions. Housing: Often it is difficult for migrant farmworkers to find housing or to pay rent. When they are in need of emergency housing or could use help with late rent, the Harvest of Hope Foundation assists financially in order to help the migrants secure safe housing for themselves and their families.

Transportation: If a migrant worker experiences a breakdown in their only form of transportation, the Harvest of Hope Foundation will help in paying for repairs. The organization also gives aid in the form of gas money, bus tickets and raises funds to buy cars for those who need them. Medical: Many migrant farmworkers can not afford to pay for medical services, however with the help of the foundation, many of the families are able to afford necessary medical services- such as dental care or surgery.

Currently, the foundation works to give funds to over 11 different foundations in the forms of emergency aid.

Harvest of Hope – Connecting the farmers to the customers

Education: Many migrant farmworkers' children are in need of aid to fund their educations. The Harvest of Hope Foundation raises money to assist those migrant students in their educational endeavors, from grade school to post secondary institutions.

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Eighty 80 cents of every donated dollar goes to provide direct emergency and educational aid. Ten-twelve cents of every dollar is used for administrative expenses. These percentages are well balanced as compared to other non-profit organizations. Because the Harvest of Hope Foundation receives more requests for aid than funds allow, the foundation has strict procedures for the distribution of funds. Individuals who request aid must show that they are willing to help themselves. The foundation works closely with teachers, social workers and advocates of migrant workers to coordinate the services and the distribution of money.

Payments are typically made to landlords, mechanics, funeral homes and other service providers, and usually not to the individuals in need. Against Me! Spanish Gamble f. Romero first heard about the foundation from a local radio broadcast which featured a segment that described the important emergency services the Harvest of Hope Foundation provided to migrant farmworkers and their families.