e-book How to Submit to Your Husband Joyfully: Building a Servants Heart Toward Your Husband

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But in the very next verse, Paul expressly commands wives to be subject to their husbands v. Half a chapter later, he commands children to obey their parents and slaves to obey their masters Instead, husbands are commanded to love their wives, fathers are forbidden to provoke their children, and masters are urged to treat their slaves with Christlike generosity, goodwill, and respect. In other words, Ephesians introduces a long passage that is all about how people under authority should respond to those in authority and vice versa.

The true meaning of the text, as always, is seen by looking at the context. The dominant chord that ties all the practical admonitions of Ephesians 4—5 together is the self-sacrificial nature of authentic, Christlike love. Specifically, he portrays love as service and sacrifice. He calls the church to pursue unity and live in harmony vv. Chapter 5 turns to the subjects of sexual purity, chaste speech, and holy wisdom vv. The apex of the entire section is the famous command to be filled with the Spirit.

Paul names three specific traits that epitomize the Spirit-filled life. There is Ephesians in context. Clearly, Paul has no agenda to eliminate authority or headship in the home, church, or any other realm of human relationships. His voluntary submission did not diminish much less void the truth that He is Lord of all.

Understanding the Core Message: Change “Submit” to “Serve”

Indeed, it eternally and unshakably established His authority. Ephesians is simply an echo of that principle. It compels us to prefer one another in honor and service. It is not a call for a domestic or ecclesiastical egalitarianism that renders the very idea of headship and submission null and void. If Paul had wanted to make such a statement, Ephesians 5—6 would have been the place to say so plainly.

The Baptist Faith & Message

Are Christians in positions of authority exempt from the command to value others more highly than self? I think of this story as a metaphor. When we submit to slightly imperfect leadership where ever we find it and add our gifts in an attitude submission and respect, we have a lovely offering for the Lord. We can add something beautiful that men would lack without our gifts.

A note here to wives with laid-back easy-going husbands. One of my friends offered this wise council for you:. Respecting and submitting to your husband is more than just obeying him. My husband is pretty laid back and there are few times when he ever makes demands of me. I could manipulate him into doing a lot of things, and I have.

But I know that is not what God wants me to do. When I realize that I have been kind of bossy, I try to stop myself by telling him that he needs to make the decisions. You may have a husband that is happy to let you make. But as in all things, you must question your heart motive.

Pray that God will show you when you are over-stepping your position. Pastor Tim said that we should be a help to our husbands. To be willing to rearrange our schedule to his. That was a great help to me. This was intended to force his hand and demonstrate submission, but I disagree with this idea whole-heartedly. Your husband may indeed change, but he may not.

Finding a Godly Mate (Genesis 24) | lapemogh.cf

Teach your children and pray with them. Be in church regularly. You need your spiritual life to be strong so that you can continue to demonstrate kindness to your family and perhaps win your husband. Just like every other woman in the church, you need to participate in the spiritual disciplines of personal Bible study, prayer, memorization, fellowship and meditation on the Word. Sometimes I forget how different our perspectives are. By definition, believers and unbelievers have different minds — we think and understand differently. He might feel threatened by the respect you have for the pastor.

Understanding how he sees things helps us be sensitive to topics that we might want to avoid or explain in a different way. All I can say is that we need to be sensitive to clues and pray for understanding. No matter the spiritual state of your husband, all the commands of the Bible still apply. I am still required to respect him 1 Peter to avoid quarreling, to be gentle, to show courtesy Titus , I must put away bitterness, wrath, anger and evil speaking Eph. I need to be kind, tenderhearted and forgiving Eph. I am not arrogant or rude in dealing with him?

Do I insist on my own way? Do I resent my husband?

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Thinking this way helps me to forgive any failing in my husband as I see great failings that Christ forgives in me. What I do mean is that it is fine and good to have a happy marriage to an unbeliever and to enjoy your husband. It is not more spiritual to be miserable. Sometimes people tell me that they find it unimaginable to be happy while married to an unbeliever. But my marriage is not an affliction.

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I love my husband. The pain I feel knowing that he is lost is the affliction. Let me explain what it is like — we laugh together. We enjoy being together. We love our kids and have jokes together that no-one else in the world would understand. We love old movies and hole-in-the-wall diners.

He saves puns for me when he hears them at work, and I always bring him home half my piece of cake when we have a party at church. Well, sometimes I take two pieces and bring him one of those.

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We do have areas of conflict, but many more areas of agreement. Just like any marriage, there are hard days and hard seasons — our values are different. Sometimes there are agonizing ambiguities that hurt my soul, and my faith sometimes embarrasses him and makes him feel judged. It is not all butterflies and lollipops.

How to Submit to Your Husband Joyfully: Building a Servants Heart Toward Your Husband

But I know from experience that women married to unbelievers can learn to be content in this imperfect circumstance, all the while longing for the circumstance to change. But a warning here — marrying an unbeliever is disobedience 2 Cor. These marriages often end with broken hearts and broken marriages. I am comforted to know that Paul knew what it was like to long for salvation for someone else.

The ache of longing for our loved ones to be saved never goes away. My son introduced me to podcasts this year. They told the story of a young couple whose 18 month-old son was diagnosed with cancer.

One night the father was with the boy in the hospital while the mom went home to be with the other children. The baby had a brain tumor and a stomach bug, and he was miserable. He cried and cried, and nothing the father did could comfort him. He placed him in his crib, but the baby kept batting his head against the rails. He tried giving him juice, but the baby threw it up.

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He tried rocking him, but the baby just squirmed and cried; he tried distracting him with toys, singing to him, and pacing. Nothing helped. Exhausted, in the early hours of the morning he placed the baby back in the crib and called out to God in prayer. As the father prayed, the baby stopped crying and fell into peaceful sleep.

It was a miracle that encouraged that weary father beyond words. He knew he was not alone with his baby in that dark hospital room. God was with him. The father longed to share his experience with others — to let them know what it was like to have a child with cancer and to see the hand of God in this moment of grace.

Since he was a video game designer by trade, he decided to design a video game of this experience to tell the story.

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Imagine the scene — you see the action from the position of the father. You can pick up your crying child, and can click on options to try to soothe him. You might click on juice, or rocking, or pacing or a toy.