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Offseason Program Brian Flores Interview. One-on-one With Chris Reed. One-on-one With Eric Rowe. One-on-one With Clive Walford.

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One-on-one With Jalen Davis. One-on-one With Kalen Ballage. I turn onto Painted Cave Road, which zigzags uphill through hairpin turns. The road drops off precipitously to the right side, and the views stretch to Santa Barbara and beyond, to the ocean sparkling like diamonds in the sunshine. I am the lone visitor. There is no entrance fee because there is no entrance, just a cave behind a black grate that protects it from vandalism. I thrill with the sense of discovery, but then a telemarketer calls on my iPhone and breaks the spell.

The Chumash rock art in the cave dates from the s, but the colors are so vibrant they look newly painted. Blood-red circles with spokes and treads like mountain bike tires dot the ceiling. Crosses, arrows, and a mysterious creature with knees bent backwards decorate the walls. Would she have populated it with human figures to keep her company on long, dark nights? She may have also been part Native Alaskan. In a tragedy occurred on San Nicolas Island. Afterwards, the women were forced to live with the invaders. The Lone Woman was born around that time, so it is possible that she was a product of this catastrophe.

These events may have also provided the impetus for the tribe to migrate off the island.

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Like all the other Channel Islands, Santa Cruz is undeveloped. There are no roads, no electricity, and no concessions. Visitors must tote in all their supplies, including water. Seals turn on their sides, waving hello with their flippers. A volunteer with the Channel Island Naturalist Corps meets us at the dock and offers a free guided hike that winds through hillsides draped with endemic Island Morning Glories, their white blossoms greeting a bright blue sky. The guide identifies other endemic species: Santa Cruz buckwheat, asters, wild cherry trees, and lemonade berry trees.

The hike weaves uphill into scrubland, ending on a cliff high above pounding surf. I separate from the group, and hike alone atop the soaring cliffs. The sagey scent of grasses hangs on the air. At Potato Harbor, I rest atop a precipitous cliff, and admire views of white-capped waves caressing a U-shaped bay. Layer upon layer of majestic, craggy cliffs dotted with sea caves stretch into the distance.

The Lone Woman was found on a headland like this. Perhaps the majesty of the views drew her to it, or perhaps it offered the best vantage point to look for passing ships. Did she want to be found? The clean water in a brook flows "sara sara". The scarce water in a brook flows "choro choro". It is raining "shito shito" softly. It is beginning raining "potsun potsun" softly.

It is raining "zaa zaa" strongly or "jaa jaa". What a wonder. We can create actual sounds with our words. This allows them to pop off the page and into our ears. With onomatopoeias, we don't just envision rain falling. We hear it plopping heavily on the creaking windowsill. When you're ready, continue your poetic exploration with Examples of Onomatopoeia Poems and Examples of Onomatopoeia for Kids. Examples of Onomatopoeia in Nature. By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Onomatopoeia in Nature: Example Sentences The rocks kerplunk as they fall into the lake. Listen to the pitter patter of raindrops on the leaves. The butterflies flutter as they take flight. Bees busily buzz as they fly from flower to flower. Lighting crackles and thunder rumbles. The boulder hit the ground with a flump.

Leaves rustle in the wind and are whipped into the air.