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When purchasing or using gift cards, BBB recommends you read the fine print. I also loved to meet up with Huckley and his no - nonsense life approach, and well, the way Polly thought of him, reminiscing when he was away, hmmm, Huckle is a new candidate to be a book - boyfriend, no? Responsible, having both feet hard on the ground and reasonable, but also able to drop everything and get on a plane, just to see with his own eyes that his girl is OK.

Neil the Puffin is of course the star of the show, and he steals every scene he's in. You know, I've already read "Polly and the Puffin", in fact I have hidden the book because Sophie makes me read it hundred times a day, but nevertheless, Neil is a hero. I think he's the best of all the other animal characters in the books that I've come across.

I have absolutely adored the fact that Jenny focused not only on Polly and Huckle and their problems, but added more characters, characters that I've already grown to love, to the story, and so we have more of Kerensa and Reuben, and no matter what he says or does, he's just brilliant, and those two make a brilliant sex I mean, love - couple. We have the fishermen, who still can't recover from the tragedy, but who are so lovely and loyal, and please don't give them matches in hand!

Mrs Manse's nephew Malcolm and his antics, his posing for a businessman, haha, I'm laughing hard, do you hear, Malcolm? We have more of Jayden, who's Polly's right hand and tastes all her baking, and bubbling with enthusiasm he often forgets that those are things for the customers, and so often there is nothing left for them, but who's so lovely and honest.

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There is also Huckle's brother Dubose, the free - spirit, not the most likeable character in the world, especially when you get to know his history and Clemmie, and last but not least, Selina, the fisherman's widow, whose return on the island brings more tears and problems, but also helps to see things in different light.

They were all characters living their own lives, vivid, popping out of the pages people that felt as realistic as the person next to you. As for the plot, yes, it is a little predictable, but there is nothing wrong with a little of predictability, and yet the story is full of surprises, turns and twists.

The relationship between Polly and Huckle felt more serious and they were so much in love, it was a real joy to see those two together, to see how great they felt in each other company, and they were just a couple made in heaven, they were destined for each other, basta. Of course Jenny Colgan put Polly into many troubles, and it made me so sad to see Polly so sad, to see her fighting for her survival, it was her to be or not to be, to be so lonely and having to face up everything by herself.

There is so much happening in the story that I didn't want to put the book down in case there was something new coming up on the next page, and there are so many questions: what is Polly going to do now when she's out of her job?

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Is Huckle going to come back or rather stay on the farm? And Neil? What's going to happen to him? And is Mont Polbearne without fresh bread at all possible? There is not only a lot of humour, but also a lot of drama, and of course there must have happened a storm - and how did this end this time? The descriptions of the town, the nature are beautiful.

In fact the way Jenny Colgan wrote the storm just gave me the shivers, she can write in such a vivid, realistic way. She actually brings not only the characters, but also the island itself to life, and you can't help it but let her draw you into the whirl of the events, and quickly you will find yourself rooting for the characters, keeping your fingers crossed for them, cheering on them or booing them, and - shortly - just feeling as if you were a part of this book, a part of the characters' lives.

Jenny Colgan has a brilliant way of writing, she makes the dialogues sound totally realistic in the mouths of the characters.

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She has this talent to add a word or two and thanks to this the atmosphere becomes lighter, more optimistic. Jenny doesn't exaggerate, she writes as it is but even if the siproblem seems impossible to be solved , there is something uplifting in her writing that let us think everything will be OK.

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There is really some kind of magic in her writing that enchants you, and her books are a wonderful breath of fresh air. It was an incredible story with a feel - good factor to it, full of sunshine and good humour. A lovely novel, full of spirit, brilliant small town inhabitants, this small - village community sense, with a great dose of dry humour, wonderful one - liners, touching moments and in the end you can't put it down, telling yourself "just one more page, one more page", and ending with sleepless nights because of this "just one more page".

This book was so heart - warming and full of warmth, and I just couldn't help it, but as I think the best place to read it is in a full sun, I just wrapped myself in as many layers as possible and read it mostly on my terrace, enjoying the first rays of the spring sunshine and a cup of hot chocolate. I have absolutely adored this story and I really wouldn't say no to a third book in the series. Highly recommended read!

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Copy received from publisher in exchange for a review. Jun 19, Luise rated it liked it. That 'evil counterpart' spiced the storyline up which was quite good. It didn't make up for everything else, though. It's not like there was nothing happening or something. But it kind of felt that way. And good old Huckle 3. And good old Huckle isn't my favourite Prince Charming so far. When that 'accident' happened to Neil, Polly turned into a very unsympathetic person.

She didn't live in that flat anymore and she knew there was a cat. And the description 'really chill cat' is usually related to their behaviour towards humans. Not stupid birds. So no point in blaming everyone else instead of yourself. As the story went on, I kind of liked the way Polly regained her bakery and stuff. But again, it didn't make up for the rest. Then finally, the ending was more or less alright, partly even quite cute. Jun 16, Sarah rated it it was ok. This one was a struggle. I so enjoyed the first book in this series, but this was disappointing! So many depressing events in Polly's life and she had no fire left to her! It was beyond frustrating to read about how helpless and hopeless she was the whole time, and always tongue tied in the face of Malcolm the outrageous bully. So much of this book was the same events happening again from the first book, and the part with a hurt Neil made me cry it was not necessary!

She was thin and stooped, with a hangdog stance, and had a way of peeking up through an overlong fringe that simply looked guilty, even though there was a pretty face hiding in there somewhere.

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Most problems, when it came down to it, could pretty much be cured, or at least helped, by curling up on the sofa with an omelette, watching something with zombies in it. Instant fan-girl here. Polly and Huckle are completely and utterly adorable, but who could not love a woman who slaves away in a bakery while earning mere pennies, mainly for the love of feeding her friends; lives in a broken down lighthouse with a Puffin named Neil; and pays more for a cursed food van named Nancy than the seller was asking because she was worried about him?

I found Polly and her cadre of friends to be a delicious and precious treat, although there was one hazard I should mention - I found I was often hungry while reading, and seemed to be yearning for large quantities of hot tea and toast. View 1 comment. Jan 05, Paula Sealey rated it really liked it Shelves: chick-lit-romance , netgalley-books. Polly is living an idyllic life in the Cornish town of Mount Polbearne.

Happily running the little towns bakery and living in a lighthouse with her boyfriend, she feels life can not get any better. But visitors to their town bring change with them, and Polly soon finds her life taking a downturn. Can she pick herself up and save the life she so loves? A highly entertaining read, I found myself reading on well into the night to discover what would happen to the various town inhabitants. Polly Polly is living an idyllic life in the Cornish town of Mount Polbearne.