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Maoalister has found a fragment of a … W. Max Muller reviews a dissertation by Lammeyer on the Sieges- … discovered a line at the end hitherto unnoticed in which five city-names … the longest of Tethmosis III. With it are published a fragment from a rough draft or copy … outlying Jews, and even apparently by those in authority at Jerusalem, of … comes as a surprise to students of Jewish history. Drei Aramdisehe … been retranslated or commented on in many journals, e. Ganneau on Jehovah at Elephantine, describing also … Two Aramaic ostraca were found at Abusir in the excavation of the … Facsimile and transcript of an Aramaic papyrus of accounts of the … Sayce and Cowley, P.

Ganneau draws attention to an early note of his own on Punic … The inscription on the Minaean coffin in Cairo. Muller, O. The Egyptian word nb means a depression in the ground, … the borders of the Red Sea, etc. Lefebure, Sphinx, xi. Muller, … Two names inscribed on a bronze axe, one being Usar-hrt, to be com- 36 Progress of Egyptology. This orthography, no doubt, had a special … syllabic spelling , this may be taken as proof of their having been known … older than the XVIIIth Dynasty.

Ebers a baby's cry prognosticating its death is nibi resembling … resemble 'yes. Jequier, Bee. Weill, Sphinx, xi. Spiegelberg, A. Beugsch, Ann. Lefebure … Discussing the god of Xois whose name is frequent on monuments … wHi in title semer uati, a designation of the king as " The Harpooner," … Late altar from Edfu with representation of human sacrifice, described … Ushabti in the Berlin Museum, earlier than Dyn.

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Erman, A. Sphinx, xi. Eevillout, Rev. Egyptologique, … The French Institute of Archaeology in Cairo has begun a new series of … Sinouhit, containing the story of Sinuhe, edited in hieroglyphic transcription … seum papyri, are printed in an appendix. Curiously enough all the … collection which belong to the Berlin papyrus —contain portions of the … On the statue of the priest Sethon at Memphis in Herodotus.

Wiede- … Various essays on Egyptian literature, forming Tome L of Revillout's … It is announced that a collection of hymns to the diadem of Pharaoh, … On the position of women, etc. Revillout, La fcmmc dans I'antiquite … On Bocchoris and his code. Eevillout, Bev. Egyptologique, xii.

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Elliot Smith on the unwrapping of mummies from 40 Progress of Egyptology. Schmidt, of the Cairo School of Medicine, has investigated the … embalmers, the preservation of the mummies was solely due to the dry … Lefebure discusses the appearance of the camel in Egypt.

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He finds … alhifrons, cinereus, sylvestris, and Branta rujicollis. Only the first of these is … tion of cereals into Egypt, that a further report on Aaronsoiin's discovery … M. Cayeux finds some examples of paving from Karnak to be … In the discussion on a paper by W.

Belck on the first discoverers of … and others put forth the claims of Egypt to be a very early home of the 41 lished last year in a new edition, ' entirely re-cast' to bring it up to the … Egyptian sketch for an elliptic vault from the front of the tomb of … La polychromie dans Vart Egyptien is the title of an essay in Revillout's … Under the title Works of Art from the Egyptian Museum at Cairo, … The fifth and last part has been issued of Von BlSSlNG's sumptuous pub- … Some objects of probably the same provenance in the Louvre, the Brussels … In recording the acquisition of tbe important tomb group of Klmemnekht, … Durixoe publishes photographs of a number of objects in the Lycklama … Various antiquities, including a pottery model of a mace-head and a … Von Bissixg's sumptuous publication of Egyptian sculpture Dcnkmdlcr … and the completion of the work may be expected next year.

Cap art, is a … The Cairo catalogue of mirrors and mirror-handles enumerates over a … The amulets are catalogued by Beisner, with twenty-five plates of … A fine collection of scarabs in Cairo is published by Newberry, The … Mrs.

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Grenfell, who has made a large collection of impressions and … Rendiconti of the Aceademia dei Lincei, xvii. Catalogue of Bijoux et Or ferneries is by M. Boreux, Rev. Jequieu shows that there is no evidence on Egyptian monuments … A very interesting interpretation of a figure on one of the Hieraconpolis … vateur and conservateur-adjoint of the Egyptian section of the Louvre. Andersson in the 44 Progress of Egyptology.

Borchardt, director of the German Institut fiir aegyptische … We regret to have to record the death of E. Lefebure in April, , at … A bibliography of Prof. Sciiweinfurth, Vcroffcntlichtc Briefe,Aufsatze … on p. With them may be associated one from Lc Temps on ' fishing … Two volumes of the Bibliotheque Egyptologiquc have appeared within the … in print with a review of Bunsen's Acgyptcns Stelle in der Weltgcschichte.

Born in , De Eouge died at the end of December, … is issued also separately with a portrait of the master. An … in at the age of Marestaing sketches the life and character of the enormously … of , for the two volumes which make the year memorable appeared … interest in Greek literature.

These are, of course, the Menahder of … portions of four plays. After allowing for a rectification of the cdilio … Hunt ; Safila, lines. The titles of the first and last plays are … an outline of the plots and a good idea of the dramatist's method of … efi'ective on the stage: but it is unlikely that in their present imperfect … Eevisions of the text, in whole or in part, have already been issued by Van … which have appeared, special mention may be made of those of Wilamowitz, 46 Progress of Egyptology.

Grenfell and Hunt,2 the … congratulated on its publication. It contains only five texts, with speci- … Wilamowitz, identify with the Hellenica of Theopompus. There are 21 … several digressions, including one of considerable interest on the constitution … of Androtion ; but there is little positive evidence in support of it, and the 47 scale of the work is against it. There is least to be said against Cratippus, … introduction; in addition, mention may be made of the articles by Mr.

There are … inferior families of MSS. The third MS. Comparetti, … in favour of the P? Another is a late panegyrical poem, of the type … and notes, and has added facsimiles of all the papyri, for which special … Mr. Winstedt has published a number of papyrus fragments which … fragments, a few words from a theological work, and no less than eight … The only literary, or semi-literary, text remaining to be mentioned is a 49 columns of a treatise on surgery, which has been transcribed by Prof.


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One of them no. The last document no. Three short … full explanation or discussion of his texts, but simply makes them public … Two are acknowledgements of leases of land, and the third an acknowledge- … affidavits were required only of Christians or suspected Christians; since … the correspondence of Heroninus, of which several specimens have been 52 Progress of Egyptology. The most important part of … corrupt Greek of the papyri with certainty. In addition there … corrections and additions to the previous volumes. It is significant of the … In another department of knowledge, Prof.

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Deissmann's new book 20 … of lectures which Prof. Deissmann has recently delivered in England, and … the Bible by recent discoveries of papyri and the like; and the treatment … literary, and spiritual interpretation of the New Testament. It is 53 possible that Prof. Deissmann exaggerates the total amount of the new … literature and the contemporary documents of Hellenistic Greek; but it … serve excellently as an introduction to the subject for students who wish, … need for it, since the truth in question had been less lost sight of for … of which it rose, the less we shall trouble ourselves about questions of … that which it purports to be.

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And Prof. Deissmann's work is a valuable … Another aspect of religion, and one more closely limited to Egypt, is … the spiritual character of Grreco-Egyptian religion, but with the political, … respectively of the expenditure of the temples, the organisation and … tions which may prove to be misleading ; but his collection of materials is … Mr. Bell's article on the Aphrodito Papyri22 breaks altogether … period of Arab rule in Egypt. It consists of official correspondence in 54 Peogeess of Egyptology. The correspondence … material of interest for students of Egyptian and Moslem history.