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She already had mystical tendencies, and learned a great deal under Rumi's tutelage. Eventually she married Shams, an unusual husband, almost totally absorbed by his longings for God.

American Poet Presents Works by Persian Mystic Rumi

Their marriage was fiery and different and, in the end, dissolved by Kimya's death - after which Shams vanished. Revised edition, etc.

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Jekyll and Mr. Login to find out September 20, at pm. I'm sure other poets are amazed at his depth and learned a lot from it. I think everyone loves rumi I bet even keats, shakespeare woud marvel at this mans spiritual outlook and writing style.

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I'm going to pick this book up soon. Thanks for posting this I'm a pretty big Rumi fan.

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Bless : Due to my upbringing, I strongly believe that men are capable of very profound love It was only coming into contact with the outside world that made me start to wonder The bitterness of my almost perpetually heartbroken friends rubbed off on me slightly, which is good, because you can't afford to be living in cloud-cuckoo land these days. Login to find out September 15, at pm.

So foxglove. Rumi searched high and low for his spiritual confidante, and refused to believe he was dead. He then wrote a long compendium of poetry in praise of Shams - allegedly 45, verses in Farsi Celestine, what do ya reckon? Login to find out September 14, at am. What do you think celestine? As far as the story goes and i know it If you understand how important rumi was to the students, but shams was another world! Maybe shams went to rome and became Caesar!