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Deep condition with heat, under a hooded dryer with a deep conditioning hat will help. I like Mielle Organics and Adwoa Beauty products. Hi, i big chopped my hair last night. It was badly damaged and i just couldnt take looking at it anymore. Im concerned my hair wont grow because its all so u even from me chopping it off. It also has absolutely no shape, and my edges were already preety much gone. Im feeling vulnerable, and scared! Will my hair grow back?

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Im too self councious to walk into a barbershop now. Also, it ok to keep my hair covered up and it still grow? Like with scarves etc. Most certainly your hair will grow back.

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Focus on keeping your hair moisturized. Wearing scarves and head wraps are OK but you want to make sure you are giving your hair ample time to breathe as well. I did the big chop on August 4, I hate it, the barber mess up my hair. Also my hair is so dry and bristle.

Omg same, my barber cut mine way too short, until I started breaking down my mom had to by texturizer and hair curling products please love your hair the way it is because I love mine now, it will grow anyways. My barber cut my hair way too short as well. Hello, I did the Big chop really my barber cut to much off.

He cut to much off the top, I want that part to grow back. I like the curly look, can you help me.

5 Things You Must Do AFTER You Big Chop Natural Hair

Thanks for your lovely blog! You gave some awesome tips for the big chop. This those tips are really helpful and whomever mistakenly mess with the hair will get the relief. If they follow they could grow their hair easily.

Thanks for the post and I will remember what to do after big chop. Hi Charlene I will like to know what can I do to keep my hair moisturizer, l wake up in the morning like I have not put anything on my hair at night I had that problem every sent I was a little girl ,I love my hair sent I went natural. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Check out this post about moisturizing natural hair. Thanks for the info.

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  • I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and the useful information it contained. I made the big chop in October and is loving it every since then. I am on the right track with the five steps but trimming every 8 weeks seems awfully long, I would have a forest by then. I will try the Refresher Hair spray suggested. Great connecting this page.

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    My hair is getting thicker but not growing long as expected. Combing it is not smooth too. Kindly advise and the hair product s I can use to grow my hair I love Afro , make it soft, shinny and healthy, yet natural. Thanks for the blog! Do you have any tips that could help me? Hello my name is Rochelle did the big hair chop 2 months ago and enjoy the style and texture of my natural hair. I use the Cantu leave in condition. Always had dry scalp, use coconut hair condition. Hi, my name is Kella. I big chopped on June 7, not by choice but by force.

    I was so afraid of what my curl pattern would look like. I was more afraid of not looking feminine. Well to my surprise many people loved it,. I do miss my straight days, but love the freedom I have now. I know it loves moisture!

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    Thank you so much for sharing. Thanks for your post. I had to cut my hair do to skincondition, an hair come out. I have had a short style when I was younger an it grew back quickly. Now that I have it short again my issue is I have a sensitive scalp an cant tolerate a lot of products. Tryn to find products for dry scalp is hard, an suggestions that are fine to use. I just big chopped a few months ago for the second time and i now have acquired alot of knowledge from blogs like yours and decided to start my own.

    What fonts do you use for you blog? Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Pin 4K. Share Email Address: First Name:. Charlene Walton. You may also enjoy:. Undercover Naturals: 3 Tips to Transition from Weaves …. Charlene Walton Author. Maryam L. Hi Maryyam, Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!

    Hi Latoya! Sharie Kelly. Sade H. Donna Mc. Sounds like you just have to be patient, it will grow back with time. Maria Vincent. Paper-cutting or dull scissors can cause split ends. As you get further into the transition, your ends will get weaker. Remember, the demarcation line where your natural and relaxed hair meet is extremely fragile so you want to always strengthen your hair as much as possible. Pre-pooing is the process of moisturizing your hair before you shampoo. This strengthens your hair and helps prevent breakage.

    I usually pre-poo with a cheap rinse-out conditioner and olive oil.

    The conditioner not only helps strengthen your hair, but it works through any tangles before you shampoo. I shampoo my hair in sections so I apply the pre-poo to each section and let it sit for at least an hour. Before I get in the shower, I gently detangle each section with my fingers and remove any shed hairs. This process is more time consuming but it saved me a lot of breakage. As you get into your 3rd or 4th month of the transition, your new growth will begin to make detangling more difficult.

    Keeping your hair in sections as you pre-poo, shampoo and condition will save you a lot of breakage and shedding. Deep conditioning is what keeps your relaxed hair and new growth healthy as you transition. It also helps you retain moisture especially during those winter months. Be sure to distribute the product from root to end. Sometimes we neglect our ends when applying product to our hair, but this is a critical step for long-term transitioners. I use Organics Olive Oil Replenisher.

    I put a generous amount on after shampooing then placed a plastic cap on with a very warm wash cloth underneath.

    I prefer to do this instead of sitting under the dryer. The warm cloth provides the heat to deep condition your hair. Some people prefer to detangle in the shower with a rinse out conditioner. During and after my transition, I detangle after showering while my hair is soaking wet. I apply a very generous amount of conditioner to each section and let it sit for a few minutes before gently working my wide-tooth comb through my hair. As your hair gets longer, you may want to divide your hair into more, smaller sections when you detangle.