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Meet Cordelia, Book Fairy in Chief

My car accident left me bedridden for nearly two years and within that time I indulged myself by reading book after book. By serving as a fairy, I hope to provide others with the opportunity to find their own serenity in the pages of a book. I am a Missouri native, so I am thrilled to be able to spread the magic, that is books, throughout my state!

Hi, I am Lidija. I was born in Belgrade, Serbia with no intention of leaving for good. Officially, I work at a theater as a marketing assistant and, unofficially, I do whatever supports my passion for learning and exploring new things. I fell in love with books at the age of 4 and I have loved them ever since. In the meantime, I also started loving my bicycle, tasty coffees, craft beers and crazy challenges. I am looking forward to growing book fairies culture in my country. My name is Kelsey and I am 27 years old.

Social Media Vs. Real Life

I dream, and hope, of one day becoming a writer. But with other things going on in my lifestyle that time, I started to fall behind on my reading. So at the beginning of , I made a resolution to read at least books each month! The main reason I joined Book Fairies Worldwide was because when I look around the world today, SO many people are glued to their phones and electronics.

I wanted to share the joy of reading with them again and encourage people to start reading books more! More reading, Less tweeting!! I grew up traveling extensively around the U. I now have a personal library of over books! Besides being a book fairy in Colorado, where I now live full time , I also work as a pediatric nurse for special needs kiddos. I also enjoy traveling the world as time and money permits.

I am a bibliophile through and through. I love books in any sense, and even enjoy them just being in my space. It feels like culture, learning, adventure, darkness, and light, when books are near. I have just started a Little Free Library in my neighborhood, to promote literacy amongst children and adults. My natural next step is becoming a book fairy, and spreading magic and joy around my great home state of Maine. My two children will be assisting! Hi everyone! I started a little free library and love to share books with friends and neighbors.

The best young adult books of 2015

Being a Book Fairy is another way to promote community and literacy. But more than that, I just love the idea of leaving a book for a stranger to find. I am Anna and I am from Russia. I teach English to children and adults and getting my students to read in English is one of my primary aims.

I have always felt that my life should somehow be connected with books, maybe being a Book Fairy is just the beginning…. My favorite stories are usually fantasies, twisted fairy tales, or brilliant historical fiction especially when the time period is from the War of the Roses and Tudor England. I am fortunate to have to opportunity to share my love of reading and stories with my son and now, as a book Fairy, with my whole state!

Born and raised in the beautiful state of Georgia! Going to a bookstore, bookfair, or thriftstore? Some of my best friendships were born from the kindred love of books! The journeys and growth are what excite me! The feel, the smell, the emotion… everything! For that reason, books are meant to be shared! In addition to being an ardent reader, a book hoarder and a digital content expert, I am also a new mom, venturing on an entirely new journey of reading with my little daughter.

Books have been the sole reasons behind some of the strongest friendships I have formed over the years, and being a Book Fairy marks the start of other such magical friendships with readers from all around the world. Min joo yoo is a business major who quit her job from a promising career and headed to Paris to find what to do with her life. She later became a owner pastry chef of Glamorous Penguin dessert cafe in Seoul, Korea.

5 reasons foreigners find it hard to become friends with Japanese people - Japan Today

She now acts as an ambassador for many brands and also as a TV personnel for various popular cooking shows in the country. She is also the writer of american cake Korean and many more books to come. I have a deep love of reading, story-telling, and literacy. I came to book fairies because I love the idea of connecting people across the world, spreading positivity, and promoting reading for pleasure. I work at a non-profit that strives to improve literacy among at-risk youth.

Many of our students have a negative connotation toward reading. I believe education is the only way that we can move forward as an accepting and understanding society and without reading, there would be none of that! Our non-profit collaborates with many literacy-focused organizations and businesses to further the mission of helping our most needy succeed.

My hobbies include writing, entrepreneurship, volunteering, animal welfare, art both history and creating , meeting new people, reading a given! I have a twin brother who started a successful publishing company and I come from a family of many talented people including writers, educators, and artists. You can find me at different book clubs, writers workshops, and author talks around town trying to soak up all things reading-related! Cat enjoys sharing her love of reading and knowledge, as a book fairy.

She is thankful for a family that knew the importance of reading to her before the letters made any sense. After working for a Congressman in DC and graduate studies at the Shakespeare Institute, Cat has returned to her native Indiana, with her best friend and husband, Tom the best souvenir from her studies in England. She lives in Indianapolis, working for non-profits that impact her community. Books have always been a part of me — in my youth as a way to learn about the ways of the world — and in my adulthood as a way to keep my imagination alive and my knowledge expansive.

I often collect books, literary classics and others I just cannot live without. My greatest book collection though, is that of Alice in Wonderland. I own over copies, some are very old, some were gifts, and some are even in languages I cannot read! The Harry Potter series, an integral part of my life and heart! I believe, as Fairies and as people, books are the link that bring us all together. For as long as I can remember, I have loved getting lost in a book. Over the years, books have opened doors to new worlds, cultures, languages and stories for me.

I tend to read dystopian stories or Harry Potter for the th time , but being a part of the Our Shared Shelf book club has not only helped me branch out, but also introduced me to The Book Fairies. I absolutely love doing random acts of kindness for people, so The Book Fairies is a wonderful merge of that with my love of reading. I am Michaela, a 23 year old geneticist who spends more time reading books than doing science.

I am from Slovakia but have been living in the UK for 4 years.

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I love trying and experiencing new things so books are the prefect way how to enjoy all the good from this world whilst being warm and safe. You travel the world, you fall in love, meet amazing and inspirational people and then cry for days when the journey is over. You get all the feels from just one book! I am happy to now be a part of the Book Fairies so that I can share the joy of reading by sharing books. I love how the pages of a good book smell when you first open it, and that first sentence that draws you in to this whole new world.

Books have always helped me escape from the world, either on a good day just for the enjoyment of it, or on a bad day where the world on the pages just wipe your mind of any problems or sorrow. The book fairies help make those wonderful worlds found in pages that much greater by sharing it with everyone and it is a thrill to be a part of this.