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With each step, huge waves soared up with loud splashes. When this person got closer, Xiao Chen saw that it was Di Xinhan, the one with the Heavenly Spiritual Body, a person he once fought at the Four Seas Hero Gathering and someone whose skills he appreciated. Then, he waved his hands and dismissed the two Fiend Race guards. After not meeting for a few years, Di Xinhan was much stronger. However, he was still not a Consummation quasi-Emperor; he had not condensed a vague form of the Heart of an Emperor, although he was only slightly short of it.

Given an opportunity, he could advance at any time. This was a huge improvement. As Xiao Chen sized up Di Xinhan, the other party was sizing him up as well. After a while, he shook his head and smiled bitterly. It was just a coincidental fortuitous encounter that gave me a method to condense the Heart of an Emperor in advance. In the future, when you advance to Martial Emperor, your accumulations will not be any weaker. Can you tell me what you are here for?

My martial uncles heard that you came, and all of them came out. This is something really rare. Can you tell me in advance what it is about? Xiao Chen thought, Although the upper echelon of this group of Fiends chose to seal themselves up, it looks like they are still up to date on the news. They can see the situation in the Kunlun Realm clearly.

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Perhaps this will make things easier. Xiao Chen had a deep impression of this Fiend Race outstanding talent, who had been willing to fight him fairly.

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After thinking for a while, he told Di Xinhan the truth. After Di Xinhan heard everything, he stopped and looked at Xiao Chen in shock.

You are here to convince that old ancestor of mine? Di Xinhan smiled bitterly. This great grandfather of mine is very obstinate and never changes his mind. As far as I remember, no one has ever managed to convince him of anything, even if we check the past one thousand years. Xiao Chen was flabbergasted to hear this. A great calamity is arriving; no one will be able to avoid it. Di Xinhan nodded and smiled. However, the ones managing the Myriad Fiend Island now are my martial uncles. Great Grandfather has not appeared for a long time already. If you want to meet the old ancestor, you have to clear the stage of my martial uncles first.

Just this group of people is already a headache. Two days ago, people from the Deity Race came. Back then, I was in quiet cultivation and did not care about this news. The Deity Dao Union was already very large, yet they did not give up on pulling in any faction worth pulling in.

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  • The two chatted as they walked. Soon, they arrived at Myriad Fiend Island. This was his first time seeing so many Fiend Race cultivators. Some of them had not even transformed into human form, walking on the streets in their true form. As each ring layered on the previous ring, its height increased. The higher one went, the more clearly one sensed the dense Spiritual Energy. With Di Xinhan leading the way, they moved unhindered; no one questioned them. After a few kilometers, the island already pierced through the clouds.

    The buildings on the island appeared ethereal like celestial palaces. This is an online bookstore with free delivery to most countries. I personally use it and find their prices pretty good might differ from country to country. Currently, the IMDC team is not being paid for our efforts in translating this novel. Patreon is all that is keeping us afloat. However, don't feel obligated to give, only if you want to and can afford it.

    Still, every dollar helps. If you like the novel and would like to have advanced chapters, There is a Patreon. Currently, there are 23 advanced chapters available but the pile will be growing. This will not affect the regular releases. Been getting a couple of comments about this. For those who are not aware, the blurred chapter titles can be revealed by hovering your mouse over it, clicking it, or tapping on it for those on mobile.

    Would you guys help to support the novel by voting here? Dark Bookmarks. How could hope be obtained? Trying to convince them would clearly be very difficult.

    Several times, Xiao Chen even sensed danger. Is it very hard?

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    This was not a piece of good news. Such a scene could appear only on Myriad Fiend Island.

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    • Chapter Notes:. Leave a comment. Sign in or Register to comment. Subscribe Bookmarks. Support us on Patreon! So I picked it up anyway and started in. I'm glad I did. These dragons don't let you make wishes or become the best giant fire-breathing pet you've ever had.

      These guys have elegant high teas at which they eat baskets full of white kittens. They keep precise records on everything they own and that's pretty much everything. If your village doesn't pay it's taxes; well I would ditch the diet and really enjoy your last hours on Earth. I cared about the cast and I want to read the next book to see how they survive. I don't think I can give a better recommendation than that. Feb 04, Lana rated it it was amazing.

      The Phoenix

      A great read where dragons rule the world in a reversal of fortune, seems humans had created them for fun, to hunt them down as prey, then they gave them intelligence so they would make the hunt more challenging but these took over and now humans were the slaves and remebered nothing of the time when they were in fact rulers and intelligent!! Mar 03, Kristy rated it did not like it Shelves: fantasy , dragons.

      This book sounded like it was going to be a Robin Hood style dragon-slayer story, and I thought "Oh, cool! While our main character, Bant Bitterwood, does indeed have a bow and arrows with which he slays dragons, any interest factor stops there. The rest is pointless. The dragons themselves seem more like dinosaurs, or just really large iguannas. There's this "prophet" more to be said on that, but it would definitely be a spoiler who spouts out scriptur This book sounded like it was going to be a Robin Hood style dragon-slayer story, and I thought "Oh, cool!