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The dry laid paving, carefully detailed steps and handrails complete this lavish new outdoor room. From the patio, visitors enjoy views to the north over Livingstone Lake and beyond. The Square incorporates facilities for public gatherings, a performance space, several restaurant patios, and a prominent water feature set against the surrounding native coniferous forest. Plant materials include indigenous species as well as specimens salvaged from the previous site development.

The site remained largely undeveloped since the original settlement in the late s and presented the opportunity to create a unique public open space for exploration and learning. PWL Partnership was hired by the City of Richmond as the lead consultants to develop a master plan and to oversee phased implementation. The project included an extensive public consultation process and involved a diverse team of sub-consultants in the areas of public art and interpretation, environment, heritage, public consultation, cost estimation, archaeology and engineering.

At PWL we believe in learning from the past 40 years and envisioning a future for the next 40 years. Those are traditionally the number of syllables used in each line of a haiku, a Japanese verse in three lines that usually avoids the use of metaphors of similes. Recently, we challenged the team at PWL Partnership to give us their best haikus. Which is your favourite? Please visit our Pinterest Page to view all our Haikus. Over the last 40 years, our contribution to projects has been acknowledged with many Industry and community awards presented to PWL. View a selection of the numerous awards we have received within the last 40 years.

We purchased 40 wildflower seed packages to plant in random spots aka flower bombs around the city. The circle engenders a feeling of neighbourhood, creating a focal point for the surrounding residential community and future school. The Coal Harbour Community Park is now the heart of this new neighbourhood, and a point on Vancouver's waterfront that offers a memorable prospect over the harbour and a refuge from the city.

Over the last 40 years of business, we have created many wonderful memories. The people of PWL make this office a fantastic place to come each day. Together with colleagues, clients and the public, we spend our days designing meaningful places that offer engaging experiences. At PWL, we thrive on creating fantastic landscapes, lasting friendships, and turning daily moments into lifelong memories.

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Food is a big part of Chinese culture. Our team in Shanghai passionately enjoys sharing meals with staff, family and friends on a regular basis. These dishes are favourites of ours; try them at your local restaurant, or even better, come and try them with us in Shanghai! Xian sugar Toasted fresh pork moon cake Sugarcoated haws on a stick Stinky Tofu choutofu Steamed sponge cake Steamed dumplings shot mai Steamed dumpling Steamed dumpling xia jiao, shu cai jiao. Spring roll chun juan Spicy sesame oil noodles with peanuts Sesame balls ma qiu Roasted braised duck kao ya Red oil wonton chao shou Prawn crackers long xia pian Menzi with sesame sauce Lotus root.

Fried eel silk Fried dumplings guo tie Fish ball soup Soup dumplings xia long bao Dumplings shen jian bao Dragon beans stir-fried with garlic Din-tai-fung Crab. Congee Chinese hamburger Boiled fish Beancurd jelly with braised bonito Barbecue pork buns char siu bao Bamboo shoot soup with pickled pork Baked ice cream Abalone with seafood sauce and rice. At PWL we love our dogs!

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If you stop by our office, our canine resident, Roxy will often greet you with a wet nose and wagging tail. Below are 40 images of "Dogs in the City" enjoying time outside and meaningful moments with their human friends. We are honoured to design great outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed by both people and their furry friends. Landscape is an integral part of Chinese culture. PWL has been working on projects in China since We now have a new generation of active projects at various stages of development.

'Schoolhouse Rock' Made Us Smarter

More importantly, we have a great team of local professionals on the ground in Shanghai. Many of our first projects are built and more are on the way. Inspired by the legacy of the Wallace Shipyards, the rezoning plan for Versatile Shipyards paid reference to the past yet satisfied the needs for creating a sustainable, meaningful place for the future. New uses proposed for the site included a hotel, commercial and residential development.

As part of a multi-disciplinary team, PWL Partnership was responsible for the open space design that focused on the heritage value of the site. Rich with characteristic shipyard structures, unique artifacts and details, PWL developed a concept plan that integrated both the old with the new. As part of the interpretive program, it was intended that Versatile Shipyards continue with the tradition as a work yard with a presence that could be felt throughout the community. At PWL, we recognize the importance biodiversity brings to the landscape.

That is why it is important to deliver great outdoor space that is mindful of all species. Here are 40 birds that can be found within in our lower mainland projects. Over the years, PWL has supported numerous projects in Stanley Park that have contributed to its environmental restoration and landscape legacy. Recently, the PWL team got together to pull invasive weeds in an area where trees have been planted in a transition zone between meadow and forest.

'Schoolhouse Rock' Premiered 45 Years Ago This Month

We had a great time, got our hands dirty, and learned a lot from the local stewards, The Stanley Park Ecology Society. We plan to make this an annual effort to contribute to our ongoing environmental and community stewardship endeavours. Nature offers an abundance of beautiful hues. From the magic hour sky during sunset to blooming wildflower meadows in the spring. Flora and fauna offer amazing colours for us to witness.

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Here are 40 colours inspired by nature's beauty and that we utilize in our presentations. Surrounded by friends, colleagues and community members, we came together for a spirited evening of food, drink, and music overlooking one of our signature projects, the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to follow along on our journey. These plants act as a foundation to the native ecosystem and natural communities in Stanley Park. PWL supports active stewardship of local parks and natural places. The following trees and plants species were planted:. At PWL Partnership, we believe strongly in knowledge and resource sharing with our community of practice. The communities and colleagues we work with can accomplish much more through transparency and open learning.

Below are 40 sources of inspiration in the field of landscape architecture that we like to return to over and over again. Well, it's official. PWL is 40 years young. To honour the occasion, we assembled in our Vancouver offices on October 26, for an anniversary cake with 40 candles and 40 balloons.

Group aims to restore 1915 schoolhouse, teach local history inside

The five PWL partners were presented with personalized cards from the team as well as a poster marking the history of PWL projects throughout the last 40 years. Recently, we celebrated Hallowe'en with an annual PWL tradition -- a good ol' fashioned costume and pumpkin carving contest! This year, in the spirit of our 40th anniversary, we brought in 40 pumpkins for our carving pleasure. In addition to prizes for best and worst costumes, we also awarded best and worst pumpkin.

Congrats to Belinda for claiming this year's prize! Better luck next year. In keeping with tradition, PWL Partnership hosted our annual egg decorating contest as a simple exercise of creativity. The colourful results demonstrate that design ideas and inspiration come from everywhere, even Batman.

Colorado, Puerto Rico and life elsewhere on the planet.

Subsequently, PWL is currently working with the Vancouver School Board on a design for the school's seismic upgrade, which includes playgrounds. Earlier this year, we hosted our 5th annual PWL Bonspiel. Joined by friends and family, we randomly break everyone up into teams and create costumes and posters. Curling is just one of the ways we like to promote team building and active living here at PWL. Support for multi-modal transportation options is a priority to us here at PWL Partnership.

This October, our team set out to achieve 40 bike trips in a week, but surpassed the goal by logging 94! In total, Every little bit counts. What does good public space look like? At PWL Partnership, this question is the backbone of everything we do. Take a close look… Do you recognize any of these spaces? Enatai Beach Park 2. Dockside Green 3. Whistler Village North Town Square 4. French Quarter Parklet 5.

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Richmond Olympic Oval Urban Beach 6. Coopers Park 8. Harbour Green Park II 9. Stanley Park Salmon Stream East Fraserlands Public Realm Cactus Club English Bay Vancouver Convention Centre Southeast False Creek Waterfront Granville Street Deer Lake Park SFU Observatory Ronald McDonald House Westminster Pier Park George Wainborn Park Hinge Park Weiser Community Park Central Valley Greenway David Lam Park II Coal Harbour Community Centre Stanley Park Prospect Point Triangle Park Stanley Park Lost Lagoon Old Schoolhouse Park Cecilia Cove Park Coal Harbour Seawall at Convention Centre Hillcrest Recreation Centre Habitat Island Glen Park, Coquitlam, BC Vancouver Aquarium Quilchena Park.

Armed with snacks and an abundance of enthusiasm, together we tackled a total of 25, steps!

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  4. It was such a fun day that we plan to make it an annual event! Everyone is hungry at some point each day, but far too many go hungry because they cannot access nutritional food on a daily basis. The goal of this campaign is to shed light on hunger issues in Metro Vancouver and place food in the hands of those who need it most.