Manual The Thorn in the Flesh

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Miscellaneous :: Paul's Thorn in the Flesh

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“My Strength Is Made Perfect in Weakness”

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The Thorn in the Flesh

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This has given rise to a teachings in the church to the effect that some Christians will never get healed because God will be using the sickness to keep them, especially after giving them too much revelation from the Word. For us to better understand what Paul was talking about here, it is advisable to use the rules of biblical interpretation — the law of first mention and contextual meaning.

A thorn in your eyes is a thorn in the flesh. Here, Joshua was referring to people, not diseases or infirmities.

Miscellaneous :: Paul's Thorn in the Flesh

These were the heathens that the Israelites had to deal with as they entered into their promised land of Canaan. In the book of Judges, after the children of Israel had disobeyed the Lord, He pronounced a curse over them. The curse was going to come in the form of people, the inhabitants of the land in which they dwelt — not in the form of sickness. He says these were messengers from Satan sent to vex him.

Your Thorn for the Shaming of Satan – John Piper

Messengers are people. Paul was talking about the persecution he was facing from people fighting his ministry. These were people who were fighting his ministry.