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David lived in the Adirondack region for most of his first forty-five years. He later moved to New England and then the San Francisco area where his writing, photography, and outdoor adventures broadened. He is now living with his wife on the southern end of Puget Sound in Washington State.

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He continues his photography and writing from this Olympia, Washington home. Earl, the protagonist, and his experiences of aging. Journal writings and narrative tell the story of the various physical and mental health aspects combined with the challenges of selling their home and downsizing into a smaller apartment in Olympia, Washington.

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Perhaps you will find inspiration to do your own journal writing as your life continues. This writer has published his third eBook entitled "Reflections, Do you see what you think you see? Reflections offers a mix of the science of light demonstrated in photographs, often mixed with the psychologies of our reactions.

Reflections published July 1, This fictional story story is about discovering a new energy vortex near Sedona, AZ. A quick and entertaining read at 10, words.

Catapult | The Vortex Jumper of Sedona, Arizona | Tara Isabella Burton

David's first eBook is entitled "Ponder This" which is an invitation to share his poems, essays and photographs taken over decades of his life. This is an invitation into many of his private thoughts and images collected as his life unfolded in the north east and north west.

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A new vortex energy field site is discovered by a hiker near Sedona. While keeping the location secret, he and a friend craft a book to introduce this new site. Add to Wishlist. USD 9. Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview The Anasazi farmed in Northern Arizona, until in ancient times they disappeared without leaving a trace as to where they had gone. Being farmers and the gayety of their art led to them being thought of as a people living a Rainbow Festival-esc life in harmony with earth and man.

Modern archaeology has now proven that this assessment was wrong. All is not normal in Sedona Arizona, Land of the Woo Woo People, as Allen referred to it, unless of course you happen to be from a time somewhere in the ancient past.

The Sixth Vortex: A New Vortex Discovery In Sedona

Transported through time by an old medicine man's prayers, Allen, a wildlife photographer "who had done his forty days and forty nights in the wilderness, and gone back for another twenty years," and the strikingly beautiful, conflicted young woman Sam, who is a bonded courier for the CDC, have been transported back in time to help defeat an ancient evil. Will they find peace and belonging in this simpler world, or is it tragedy that waits for them? At first I thought that they must be spirits, but then a voice told me that they were not.

It was not the lightning though, which I perceived would help with our problem, but another much more powerful medicine. I could not understand its formula, but I could feel its strength.

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What I request of you, upon the prayers and obedience of my ancestors, is that you would create for these strange people, a passage to our land. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Bruce Eastman is a writer and outdoor photographer living in northern Arizona. He was born and raised in the Midwest, and moved to Arizona in He immediately became interested in the local Native American Indian history and legends, and found himself fascinated by the unique experience of being able to wonder through, and photograph the ancient homes of these earliest Southwestern peoples.

Eastman's fictional tales are a mixture of both fancy, and a study of local stories and legends recorded by the areas earliest non-native visitors. He also has an acute interest in local archaeology, and although he himself will admit that he doesn't accept all of the conclusions that Archaeologists might draw about the past of this place, many of their theories have been woven into the fabric of his writing. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches.


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